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⮚ Certified Yogi Instructor  

⮚ Founder of and Lead Trainer at Gooseneck Basketball Skills and Life Training  

⮚ Coach and Trainer with a concentration in building youth by way of instilling strong character  and developing leadership skills through basketball.  

⮚ After School Program Specialist with emphasis of Yoga and Holistic Lifestyle changes  ⮚ Bowie State CIAA Champion, AAU Hall A Famer  

⮚ Inducted into the Bowie State Basketball Hall of Fame  



Director of Charm City Basketball Camp  


Started KASA High School Basketball Program as Coach and Athletic Director



∙ Led Southwestern High School to 27-0 undefeated season, made history winning West Baltimore’s  first ever City, Regional and State Championships  

∙ Baltimore all time three point record holder hitting ten 3 pointers in one game and record holder in  the State of Maryland for seven 3 pointers in one game  


Friends School of Baltimore 

Lead Coach of Middle School Basketball team

Baltimore, MD 2017 – Present  


Gooseneck Basketball and Life Skills Training 

Founder and Lead Trainer

Baltimore, MD 2013 – Present


∙ Responsible for oversight of administration, including business functions, creative vision, mission,  and direction of program.  

∙ Develop strategic planning of marketing and advertising to promote the success of program.  ∙ Provide emotional and mental mentoring for youth.  

∙ Engage youth in group counseling - addressing wellness, character building and leadership  development.  

∙ Provide educational support; visiting youth in schools to ensure academic success.  ∙ Provide basketball training and yoga mindful moments curriculum- stretching yoga poises and  meditation to multiple after school programs.  

∙ Worked with each student individually and assist in developing athletic potential.  ∙ Build and foster strong relationships with communities and families.  

∙ Plan fund raising events, campaigns and marketing events. 


Silver Oak Academy 

Coach Counselor

Keymar, MD 2011-2012 

Varsity Head Coach  

∙ Oversaw the development of the school’s varsity basketball team and provided leadership to  students.  ∙ Ensured that parents supported children with academic success.  

∙ Monitored students to ensure compliance with program policies.  

∙ Conducted daily counseling group sessions with students.  

∙ Maintained a safe environment and facility for students at all times.


Charm City Basketball 

Director of Basketball Camp

Baltimore, MD 2008 – 2011 


∙ Responsible for the administration, management and supervision of comprehensive programs  serving children aged 6-17.  

∙ Planning, marketing, promotion, scheduling, execution of programs.  

∙ Instructed and demonstrated skill sets and techniques necessary for individual and team  achievement in basketball.  

∙ Managed up to 15 staff members - including the hiring, evaluating and supervising employees.  ∙ Responsible for the organization of tournaments.  

∙ Developed appropriate training programs and practice schedules.


Holistic Life Foundation 

Yoga Instructor

Baltimore, MD 2006 – 2008 


∙ Provided yoga training to 4th graders at Alexander Hamilton Elementary.  

∙ Promoted balance of the body and mind through effective teaching and demonstrations.  ∙ Monitored individual youth carefully to ensure that they were in proper formation.  ∙ Provided reports and notes to support Penn State study on the effectiveness of morning meditations.  



Baltimore, MD 2004 – 2006 


∙ Mentor for Meet Me Half Way at KASA High School  

∙ Counseled and served as a mentor and positive role model to target mentees.  ∙ Ensured that youth attended all academic classes.  

∙ Provided direct service tutoring youth at-risk at partnered high schools.  

∙ Attended regular mentor training provided by the program.  

∙ Collaborated with agency staff to monitor mentee progress.  


Penn State, Johns Hopkins and the Holistic Life Foundation  

Yogi Instructor Certifications  

Bowie University  

Sociology and Criminal Justice

Bowie, MD 2000-2003  

Bacone Junior College


Muskogee, OK  1999-2000




the LTA (Leadership Through Athletics)

2900 Hammonds Ferry Rd

Halethorpe, MD 21227

Tel: 443.560.7512

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